Honestly... hey.
 I've been gone for like 2 years. Why? idk.

Soo yeah. Let's get this party started, I am ready for 2016 cause guess what?
I hated 2015.

I went on 23 vacations this year, which was greaaaaaat. 
But I also lost my best friend on  Feburary 14th, 2015 -
My grandma Ellie.
I will write about it on her year mark. I miss her, I love her, and I have shed a tear every day since she left this world.

But, I'm grateful for this past year as well because I have traveled to 7 different countries, and 11 different states which made those 23 vacations, I did this to keep my mind away from my troubles.


Let's go ahead and start with a bunch of throw backs and then we will start the 2016 year nice and FRESH. Cause guess what guys?? It's going to be A GREAT GREAT YEAR.
My Martin wedding:
This week I was lucky enough to capture my cousins wedding, in Oceanside, California.

Why was I born a grandma...?

Is it REALLY that big of a deal that I like going to bed at 10:00pm. Like it's 9:35 as I write this right now and I am stressing out.

I don't like going out, i'm BORRRRRRRRRING. Get over it. 

Oh look.. that's me on TV. 

.G R U M P Y - T H O U G H T S.

Yeah I met the real grumpy cat... whatever.
When your crush doesn't text you back... it really is the end of the world.

Is it bad that sometimes I think my first world problems really are worst the third world problems.

Just because you're  rich & famous doesn't mean you need to be a douche.

I don't know what is worse than having anxiety & sleeping problems. And I have both, so don't tell me what's wrong in your life.

Overthinking hurts SO bad. (I'm overthinking as I write this).

I hate skinny people that eat like crap, like literally I hate you. Get out of my face.

Hey boys, don't poke my sides. DON'T DON'T {I@OHG{BWK

Facebook ruins lives.  (i love social media though eek)

Why does Lorde think she is the boss of everyone?

Money is the reason why most people are MESSED up. 

Can apple just stop with iphone 5? Just stop.

I wish people and their go pros would just shut up.

K bye. Be nice to people, there is no reason to be mean.
(unless they're mean first, then go for it).
Picked up another show.
Dancing with the Stars.
The production team is AWESOME. 

It's okay to be RANDOM.
Random is different. 

I've never taken a shower in my life where I haven't gotten shampoo in my eyes.
I want to sleep overnight on the beach.
I really want to go to Nashville & Boston.
The producers I work with on American Idol are AMAZING. 
I suddenly have a a love for Emblem3. 
Bagels are so good.

Jamie Foxx and Mathew Fox.
Also known as my mom and dad 
SAME NAMES. bahaha

Hollywood life.
It's hard to survive.
It's intense.
And it makes you THINK,
WAY too much.

Just got to remember things like this…
Thanks Pinterest. 

From Hollywood, GOODNIGHT.
Seeing my name on the credits after American Idol makes me SO happy.
I love this job so much. It's so fun and I work with AMAZING people. 
Couldn't have a bigger smile on my face.

I get anxiety when people 
don't email me back
 5 minutes after I email them.

I also think way too much and…

okay maybe not ruining my life
but it's messing up my grooove.

When I moved to California
my best friends became the 
Sour Patch Kids.

This is what drives me nuts, I've been running quite a bit since I moved here in September. And I have lost like 10lbs. 
But idk I think I gained like 3-4lbs when I went home for the holidays. ehhhhh.        
ANYWAY… blah blah exercise is like 30% of your weight loss it's all about what you EAT.
 Okay thanks mom, thanks Kammie, thanks Biggest Loser.

But hey my problem with that is, have you ever noticed fries cost $1 and a salad costs $10?
 Umm who decided those prices?? cause... I think America's obesity problem could cut down if someone would just change that up a bit, cause I sure know it would help me stop buying the two for one tacos at Jack in the box & order that Chicken wrap whatever that is $4.99


For  the year 2014 I decided I was going to grocery shop more and buy healthier food, and guess what? I did that for the whole month of January and now I'm broke. 
Shopping at Ralphs buying all the healthy food each week checking out and my total is $100. WTF when I bought crap food my total was like 40$.


Umm excuse me, I'm trying to eat better here. I'm trying to lose weight, not my apartment. I got other billz to pay world.

I really have nothing other to say other than I just needed to write my feelings about the fact that I hate that healthy foods cost SO FRIGGIN much money, and I'm sorry cooking for 1 is so hard.

I'm also sorry that I'm a girl and once a month all I want to do is take chocolate shower and shove inn & out burger down my mouth, and sip my drinks through sour patch straws.

Also, I went to the biggest loser finale last night and I was all inspired and crap by everyone that lost so much weight but then I went home and was like yeah a donut sounds awesome right now. 
Look, that's me in the back, I was totally on tv.
Thank you, you can have my autograph.
Thought of the day.
Thought of my life.
Just ordered this book online and I'm beyond stoked.
I mean… the title itself is just says.


For the love of
A U S S I E S.
Calum Hood & Ashton Irwin from 5SOS
So it's that time of year again where we get to do taxes, and EVERY single year I always say… WTF is going on!?

Before I start I would like to thank YouTube & Pinterest for teaching me everything I didn't learn in a classroom.

I honestly don't beileve school prepares you for the real world. I think the real world prepares you for the real world. 

How come I am 22-years-old and I still am confused about…

I know we end up paying someone to do these anyway, but how come I don't know any of the words that the tax lady is EVER saying to me, I'm like... "umm sweet just get me my money."

How to fill out a W2
I feel like I have filled out 98294 of these and every single time I don't know if on line 6 & 7 I am supposed to put 0 or 1. Or then on line 5 am I supposed to put 2… or is it all ZEROS???

Basic Car Maintenance
What is it like 50 times a year someone looks at my car and says, when was the last time you got your oil changed? Umm I don't know, where do I do that? Oh my tire looks flat? sweet… What's that noise my car is making? is that gas smell coming from mine? Ummmmm GRANDPA? HELP!

How to pay bills
Like I get it, I owe this much money by this day, but I don't know how to fill this ish out… and am I getting jimped? Is this price normal or way high?

How to build credit the right way
Every time I go to TJ MAXX I want to buy the rewards card, but I don't know if I am supposed to or not. I WANT DELTA SKY MILES so I can travel everywhere. Should I pay the minimum payment each month or more, should I even slide my credit card?? OMG what did the prophet say I don't know! I'm just not doing it.

How to cook (don't blame my mother on that)
Like wait, I legit don't know how to cook anything.
And on that note, I don't know how to sew either.

I KNOW it's not just me.

However, I am going to give myself a pat on the back because I managed to graduate from college with no debt. 
So boom I win there.

bahahahahahaha. So yeah, what I'm really trying to say is I'm  excited for the future and buying a house and raising a child.. cause ya know, I also was super prepared for that.

didn't proofread, sorry not sorry.


 I get asked this every freakin second from people at home.


My life in LA is WEIRD. Sometimes I'm WAY busy working 12+ hour days and then sometimes I have NOTHING to do for 72 hours straight. :|

I don't know how to explain "what I do" for work, because,
Honestly, I really don't know.
All i know is…

Hehh… hahaha

I do a lot of stuff for people that are considered important… A lot of stuff is the dirty work, ordering coffee, making copies, having clients sign papers, making sure talent have all they need, and sometimes I even get to walk dogs! 

The fun part is I get to interact with some rad celebrties & press, watch free concerts, work on TV sets, and eat free food. 

 BUT best of part of all is I get to work GNARLY awesome events.

I do all this ish with 
LA Live (my main job)
 American Idol & Jimmy Kimmel Live! (side gigs)
So I guess I have like 3 jobs? 

I didn't expect to be working in the entertainment industry right out of college, because I really wanted to be working within the travel industry. But I've learned that I do like this industry a lot. It's so crazy insane, and every day is different. Every time I go to work, wherever it may be, I have a smile on my face, and I can't beileve I am able to work with so many amazing people and with these incredible companies within this industry.

It's so flipping fun. It feels like a day dream.

But I don't know if I want make my life in LA yet… I am no where near my career goals, and sometimes I still want to pack up my bags and head out to Europe and just travel… for months.
 BUT for now I'm just enjoying the experiences that I have, because guess what? Life AIN'T SHORT. It's long.
 I do struggle a lot because this industry is tough, who knows if I'll make it out here, all I know is the struggles I have make me stronger and each day is one day closer to figuring out what I truly want in life.

Side Note: It's my blog, if there are spelling errors on this or stuff that makes sense. 
Screw it. I don't care.
I may not have "bumped" into my future lover….
But I recently have bumped into two of my favorite Brits.

Josh Devine
(Drummer of 1D)

Ed Westwick
(You may know him as… Chuck Bass)
I don't need a boyfriend, 
I need a million dollars,
and a donut.
Can you not?

Hey 2014, WELCOME.
What was it two days ago I posted about being positive?
Hahaha. UMM… since 2014 has been here, I have
Been sick for 5 days
I have to move out of my apartment by tomorrow 
And… my tire blew out on the freeway in the middle of the night.

So that's awesome right?  
I've been crying for the past week non-stop. 
bahaha cause God made me so friggin emotional. 
But I'm just going to say something positive in all this. 

I was stranded 40 minutes away from home late at night and two strangers pulled over and put my spare on, it took 2 hours. My car was packed with all my stuff because I'm moving so I had to empty my trunk on the freeway and then they had to listen to me bawl to my grandpa and mom. Like HOW ANNOYING IS THAT? But they still helped me and I don't even know their names 
(Cause I'm an idiot and never asked).
But K that story doesn't sound all that ahhhh but it was. 

And I think that my tire blew out on the freeway for a reason, it was literally for me to understand that there are some normal people in California. Working in the entertainment industry there are a lot of people who are not so "kind" and that was a huge reminder that there are so many wonderful people in this world.